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About our classes

Our Dante Language School has been honored for the quality of its Italian language program with a financial grant of support. The prestigious Italian Cultural Institute and the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco again awarded the 2017-18 curriculum, recognizing the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington for promoting Italian culture and language.

Our instructors are highly qualified native speakers. Learn more about our instructors below.

The Dante Alighieri Society of Washington is one of the few institutes in North America authorized to offer PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri - Dante Alighieri Italian Language Project) certification. The PLIDA certificates attest proficiency in Italian as a foreign language on a 6-level scale according to the parameters established by the Common European Framework for Languages. Learn more about the PLIDA Certification Program here.

All classes are held on the Seattle University campus in the Administration Building. However, the Dante Alighieri Society - Italian Language Program is a self-sustaining autonomous program independent of Seattle University.

The class schedule follows an academic schedule on the same format as a college or university level class. While the subject matter of each of the three quarters of the academic year builds on the previous quarter, it is possible to enter the program at any quarter depending on ones previous experience and knowledge of the language. Please seek the advise of the Program Director if you have any questions on your appropriate entry level and timing. Learn more details about the schedule and classes offerings below. Choose your class and register below.

Pricing for our classes varies by level and is based on typical enrollment levels. As a non-profit our classes offer you an excellent value compared to other options in the Puget Sound area. Learn more about our pricing approach below.

Class Schedules

Classes are held Tuesday & Thursday evenings, 7:00pm - 8:30pm, with the exception of the Conversational Italian Class which will be held on Monday & Wednesday evenings.* Occasionally different schedules are offered to accommodate staffing and enrollment needs. Be sure to check the Offerings list below for current offerings.

2017 - 2018

Quarter Dates Registration Deadline* Notes
Fall 2017 September 28 - Dec 8 September 25 Thanksgiving - No classes 11/23
Winter 2018 January 11 - March 20 December 18
Spring 2018 April 5 - June 12 March 19

*If you have missed the deadline send an e-mail to the Program Director to be added in a class. Registering by the deadline helps ensure that the class will meet enrollment requirements and be held.

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Location of our Classes

SU Admin Location

All classes are held on the Seattle University campus in the Administration Building. However, the Dante Alighieri Society - Italian Language Program is a self-sustaining autonomous program independent of Seattle University. The Administration Building is located on campus at the intersection of Broadway and E Madison on Capitol Hill.

Find your personal directions at: google maps

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Class offerings

Level PLIDA Description Fee Instructor Text
Beginning A1 Level A1 is for people with no or little knowledge of Italian. Students will be introduced to the basic phonetic, grammatical and lexical structures through conversation and simple dialogues. During the three-quarter course, students will be engaged in a variety of fun activities and begin their journey of learning Italian. $180 Dida Berretta, Room ADM204, FQ'17 Oggi in Italia. 8th edition. Merlonghi, Merlonghi, Tursi, O’Connor ISBN 978-0618678129 ISBN-10:0618678123 © 2007
Elementary A2 Continuation of the beginning class or for people who have already studied some Italian. Students will finish exploring the essential grammar structures while learning appropriate and relevant words and expressions. At the end students should be able to use the basic structures of the language with confidence and will be able to communicate well in daily situations. $180 Marina Gagliardi, Room ADM205, FQ'17 Oggi in Italia. 8th edition. Merlonghi, Merlonghi, Tursi, O’Connor ISBN 978-0618678129 ISBN-10:0618678123 © 2007
Intermediate B1 Students will be reviewing and reinforcing their knowledge of the language in addition to expanding their vocabulary and ability to understand written and spoken Italian. Students will be exposed to cultural and literary readings and will develop a greater understanding of Italian culture, lifestyle and way of thinking. $275 Michela Tartaglia, Room ADM206, FQ'17 Da Capo. 6th edition Annamaria Moneti, Graziana Lazzarino ISBN-10: 1413016405 ISBN-13: 9781413016406 © 2007
Intermediate B2 Completes the review and reinforcement of the grammar covered in the beginning and elementary levels in addition to covering any other missing structures. The course will help students to understand articles from newspaper and the web, song lyrics, literary excerpts, videos, and excerpts from films and commercials. At the end, students will be able to engage effectively in a conversation, express opinions and give simple explanations. $275 Laura Ciroi, Room ADM208, FQ'17 Da Capo. 6th edition Annamaria Moneti, Graziana Lazzarino ISBN-10: 1413016405 ISBN-13: 9781413016406 © 2007
Intermediate - Advanced Conversational B1 and above A multi-level conversational course open to students who have completed at least levels A1 and A2, although it is recommended for students with a level of proficiency above B1. The course will advance your fluency, listening comprehension and conversation skills, expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar. $300 Staff,
Room TBD,

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Class Registration

Payment can be made either by online payment using PayPal or by mail with checks only made payable to D.A.S. Italian Language Program. Click the appropriate registration button below.

REFUNDS: Tuition fee is 100% refundable within the first two weeks of the quarter.

Level PLIDA Fee PayPal Mail
Beginning A1 $180
Mail Form
Elementary A2 $180
Mail Form
Intermediate B1 $275
Mail Form
Upper Intermediate B2 $275
Mail Form
Intermediate - Advanced Conversational B1 and above $300
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Staff bios

Program Director - Giuseppe Tassone

Guiseppe Photo

Giuseppe Tassone has been the director of the Italian Language Program of the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington since 1998. Giuseppe is a language educator and advocate of Italian language and culture affiliated with Seattle University and the University of Washington with years of experience teaching, developing curricula, coordinating, and testing and assessing in public and non-profit universities and organizations. After his undergraduate studies in Siena, Italy, he earned a B.A. in Economics and a M.A. in Italian Studies from the University of Washington; soon after, he began his full-time teaching career. He has been a reviewer of and/or contributor to several leading Italian language textbooks, including Da Capo, Oggi in Italia, Avanti, Piazza, and Sentieri, and he is the author of two books in the acclaimed Edizioni Farinelli’s Italian Film Studies series: Ricordati di me and Buongiorno notte. Giuseppe Tassone’s latest work is Un Buon Affare – Italian for Business (Copyright © 2016 by Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.); a versatile textbook, with a focus on business in Italy, designed to improve Italian language skills intended for readers who have interest in business, economics or international studies with an emphasis on Italy or professionals who are conducting business in Italy. The book, that aims to facilitate the offering of Business Italian courses in colleges and universities will be available starting November 2016. Giuseppe’s personal interests are: reading, traveling, cinema, economics, politics, playing and listening to music, swimming, biking, gardening and cooking.

E-mail: tassone@danteseattle.org
website: faculty.washington.edu/gtassone

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Dida Berretta

Yedida Berretta

Dida spent her formative years living between Portland, OR and Naples, Italy - where she has family - and Siena, where she studied in college. Upon graduating from the University of Oregon, Dida moved to Vicenza, where she lived and worked for three years. She used her base in Vicenza as her springboard to explore all of Italy. Dida earned a BS from the University of Oregon in Education and an MA from the University of Washington in Italian Studies where she was a recipient of the prestigious FLAS award for language and area studies. Her extensive background in language pedagogy has afforded her the opportunity to work with many diverse demographics, from young children at La Scuola Italiana di Portland, to college students at the University of Washington and Seattle University, to non-traditional students at South Seattle College and English learners in Vietnam and Central America. Her experience includes teaching, translating and developing course content. In addition to Italian, Dida speaks Spanish and some French. She is so passionate about culture and language that she started her own business teaching full immersion Italian classes to toddlers and children! Her classes are interactive, engaging and fun.

E-mail: yedida.berretta@gmail.com

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Laura Ciroi

Laura Ciroi

Laura has been teaching with the Italian language program of the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington since 2003. She was born in Palmanova, in Northern Italy, a star shaped fortress built by theSerenissima Republic of Venice to protect the territory from the invasions of the Hapsburg and the Ottoman Empires. She was raised speaking Italian, French and Friulano (her native Northern Italian dialect). Laura received a Laurea in Linguistics from the Università di Udine where she specialized in Spanish and English literature. Since then she has lived and worked in Holland, Switzerland, Spain, England, America, and Italy.

E-mail: lcbolan@hotmail.com

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Marina Gagliardi

Marina Gagliardi

Marina Gagliardi was born and raised in Bari, the largest and more important city of Puglia. Her interest in the study of foreign languages started at a very young age and led her to pursue a Laurea in Translation Studies from the renowned SSLMIT - School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators - at the University of Trieste, specializing in English/French-Italian technical and scientific translation. After spending a few years in Italy working in the travel industry, she moved to the United States with the opportunity to teach Italian language at the University of Washington as a Teaching Assistant while earning her MA in Italian Studies. Marina currently lives in Bothell, and has been teaching with the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington since November 2013. She also offers private lessons in Italian. She is fluent in French, loves teaching, traveling, reading, and cooking her favorite foods from her hometown's culinary tradition.

E-mail: marinagagliardi@yahoo.com

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Nicla Riverso

Nicla Riverso

Nicla Riverso is a native of Napoli, Italy. She has a Laurea in Materie Letterarie (degree in humanities) and a Laurea in Pedagogy (degree in education) from the Università degli Studi di Cassino. She earnead her M.A. in Italian Studies and her PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Washington. She taught Italian litearature and history in secondary schools in Italy for eight years and has taught as a teaching assistant and lecturer for French and Italian Studies and Comparative Literature departments at the University of Washington for ten years. She has published on Sarpi, Dante, Ariosto, humanism and literacy.

E-mail: riverso@uw.edu

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Michela Tartaglia

Michela Tartaglia

Michela was born and raised in Torino, the Piemonte region in the northwest of Italy, but she has southern Italian blood in her veins from the remote area of Irpinia, the inland of Naples, where her parents were raised. After the classical studies in Latin and ancient Greek at the renewed Ginnasio Vittorio Alfieri of Torino, Michela studied at Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna where she pursued her Masters Degree in Philosophy in 2005. In Seattle she is the founder and owner of Cucina Casalinga, the Italian Cooking School in Pike Place Market that embraces and emphasizes the core of rustic cuisine learned from generations of Italian tradition. She is involved in the Slow Food movement and she strongly embraces the philosophy of preserving the traditional and regional cuisine of her country. She has also worked as an Italian Country Editor for Allrecipes.com. Teaching Italian is a true passion: besides the Dante Alighieri Society, she has been teaching at Bellevue College and Rosetta Stone for several years.

E-mail: tartaglia.michela@yahoo.com

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Pricing structure

As a non-profit, Dante is able to provide excellent values to its students. On a per-hour of instruction, instructor qualifications, and student to teacher ratios, Dante prices are hard to beat anywhere in the Puget Sound areas for in-person instruction, which Dante considers crucial to competency in the language.

The pricing variation for different levels is based on both historical enrollment levels and the nature of the courses that benefit from smaller group participation and more one-on-one engagement. The intent is to maximize the benefits and value for each level.

Due to the lack of profit margin, classes can only be held in the event that minimum enrollment levels are met. Thus we encourage students to enroll by the posted deadlines to ensure that sessions can be scheduled. In the event that the session you registered for cannot be held, the Program Director will work with you to find the most appropriate alternative or refund your payment if a suitable fit is not available.

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