Ciao a  tutti –

We are mindful of the growing concerns of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in the news and in our community and want to be sure we all stay safe.

At this time, both the March 11 English meeting with the Pre-Dante Pasta Dinner and the March 25 Italian meeting will continue as planned.

We understand this is a developing situation, and as such our policy will be responsive and in-line with the recommendations of Washington State and King County Public Health departments.

While public health officials have not recommended any restrictions on group gatherings, they do recommend that vulnerable populations avoid crowded settings. Persons who are older or who have underlying health conditions are at higher risk to develop complications from this virus.

If you are sick, we thank you for staying home from Dante meetings.

In an effort to keep our food safe, please be sure to bring serving implements for any antipasti/dolci you provide for the meetings — please avoid finger-foods for now!