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About the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington

DAS Star List 2020

While we appreciate those who support our Society through membership dues & volunteering, stars are awarded to those making extra cash contributions which allows us to provide additional services. Grazie Mille for supporting the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington.

The Dante Alighieri Society of Washington promotes the Italian language and culture and welcomes all who share those objectives. Each year we present English and Italian programs open to the public, and host the Christmas party and the Annual Wine Dinner featuring wines from throughout Italy. The Society also sponsors an Italian Language program with beginner to expert classes for everyone who wants to learn, improve or perfect their fluency in Italian.

We are an official chapter of the Società Dante Alighieri, an international organization headquartered in Rome, Italy. When traveling in Italy, Washington Chapter members are eligible to receive discounts. Information on the available discounts is available here and here. Be sure to ask for your Membership Card at one of our meetings.

Membership is for a calendar year. Dues, $40 for a single membership and $50 for a family membership, are due at the time of joining and the beginning of each year. Your dues help support the many activities of the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington and allow us to keep our prices as low as possible. All donations are also greatly appreciated. If you have already registered, you can pay for your membership here.

Dante Alighieri Society of Washington is a 501(c)(3) organization. Membership dues and donations are tax deductible to extent allowed under federal law. Tax ID: 91-0988808.

Bronzo - up to $25

Suzanne and Gunter Klein
Jeffrey Freiberg
Pat Hoffman
Mary Jane Ferguson
Kathryn O'Leary
Richard Rotruck
Luca Cazzanti
Barbara Crawford
Joan Tupper
Holly Walker

Oro $51 to $100

Dominico Minotti
Linda Bavisotto
Harry Reinert
Sam Ciapanna
Rosa Borriello
Emilio Fonzo

Argento - $26 to $50

Debra Rovetto Gillett
Chris DeMatteis
Cristina Ryser
Daniel DeMatteis
Giuseppe Tassone
Donna Lipsky
Jane Cottrell
Toni Napoli
Louise Sportelli
Roberto Ruiz

Platino - over $100

Gini Harmon

I am ready to join:

I (We) want to promote Italian language and culture and request membership in the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington.