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April 24, 2019 Italian Language Meeting

April 24, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Speaker: Matteo FitzGerald
Topic: La Sicilia

Un’esplorazione della Sicilia, conosciuta come Granaio degli Imperi”, e nell’antico Greco, la Trinacria. È la più grande regione d’Italia e la quarta più popolosa, con oltre5 milioni di persone. Esploreremo la storia, la lingua, i terroir e la cultura della Sicilia. La Sicilia ha una storia ricca e antica, risalente alle tribù originarie che si trasferirono sull’isola, all’era classica, quando la Grecia, poi i Romani, mantennero ampie presenze nell’area. Nelle ere moderne, l’isola è stata occupata da una varietà di imperi, ed è di enorme importanza strategica nel Mediterraneo, a causa di numerosi porti diacque profonde, la posizione nel centro del mare, e la vasta generosità agricola del terra. La lingua siciliana ha influenze dal greco, italiano,arabo e altro ancora. Ci sarà un sacco di tempo per domande e discussioni.La presentazione sarà in italiano e in siciliano, e ci sarà una dispensa con parole in inglese, italiano e, per alcune parti, in siciliano. Perquanto riguarda la cultura, ad esempio due vincitori del Premio Nobel perla letteratura (in totale sei dall’Italia) sono nati in Sicilia, conferiti nel 1934 a Luigi Pirandello (Agrigento, dove si trova la Valle dei Templi), e nel 1959 a Salvatore Quasimodo (Modica, noto per l’architettura barocca e dove il cioccolato è fatto nel modo antico).

Matteo FitzGerald è di origine siciliana (madre) e irlandese-americana (padre). Ha centinaia di migliaia di parenti in Sicilia (la famiglia allargata della madre) e ha vissuto circa 7 anni della sua vita in Sicilia e in Italia, principalmente nella sua città natale siciliana nella regione di Catania. Ha conseguito una laurea e si è laureato presso il dipartimento di studi italiani dell’Università di Washington (Classe del 2012) e anche in Studi internazionali.Attualmente è membro del Board of the Italian Festival of Seattle (Festa Italiana), ex 3 volte Presidente del Club Italiano dell’Università di Washington, e anche, ex Trustee & Sentinel della casetta Seattle Fedele degli Figli e Figlie d’Italia.

Speaker: Matteo FitzGerald:
Topic: Sicily

An exploration of Sicily, the largest Mediterranean Island, known as the “Granary of Empires”, and, in the ancient Greek, the Triangle. It is the largest region of Italy, and the 4th most populous, with over 5 million people. We will explore the history, language, terroirs and culture of Sicily. Sicily has a rich and ancient history, going back to the original tribes that moved onto the island, to the Classical era, when Greece, then the Romans,maintained large presences in the area. In the modern eras, the island has been occupied by a variety of empires, and it is of tremendous strategic importance in the Mediterranean, due to several deep water ports, location in the center of the sea, and the vast agricultural bounty of the land.The Sicilian language has influences from the Greek, Italian, Arabic and more. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. The presentation will be in Italian and in Sicilian, and there will be a handout with words in English, Italian and, for some parts, in Sicilian. As for culture, for example two Nobel prize winners in Literature (of the total of six from Italy) were born in Sicily, awarded in 1934 to Luigi Pirandello (Agrigento, where the Valley of the Temples is located), and in 1959 to Salvatore Quasimodo (Modica, known for Baroque architecture and where chocolate is made in the ancient way).


Matteo FitzGerald is of Sicilian (mother) & Irish-American (father) descent. He has hundreds to thousands ofrelatives in Sicily (his mother’s extended family) and has lived approximately 7 years of his life off and on in Sicily & Italy, mainly around his Sicilian hometown in the Catania region. He holds a Bachelor’s degree, and is a graduate of the University of Washington Italian Studies department (Class of 2012) and also International Studies. He is currently on the Board of the Italian Festival of Seattle (Festa Italiana), formerly a 3 time President of the University of Washington Italian Club, and also a former Trustee & Sentinel of the Sons of Italy Seattle Fedele Lodge.”


April 24, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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St Patrick Catholic Church
815 E Edgar St
Seattle, WA 98122 United States



2021-2022 Season

Live Meeting COVID Guidelines

Even as COVID variants continue to plague the population, we are trying to return to offering live meetings for Dante this season. We’ve all been longing for a return to shared meals, and since this is foundational to Dante activities, we want to make it possible. Following the guidelines and regulations now in place by many workplaces, public venues and community groups, the Dante Board of Directors has agreed to the guidelines listed below as an acceptable plan to keep us as safe as possible when meeting in person. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by these regulations and will continue to stay current as the season evolves. If things get better, we may be able to loosen up the current plans. But meanwhile, we ask that Dante members and those from our wider mailing list cooperate with the plans as outlined below. These are also in keeping with the rules provided by St. Clements, our new residence.

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