Ciao tutti –




Our presenter next Wednesday September 26 will be Federica Gabardi.  Some of you will remember her from her energetic and entertaining Italian classes.   Federica will discuss the recent book by the Italian journalist and cultural critic, Beppe Severgnini:  La Testa degli Italiani.

In this book, Beppe travels along the Italian peninsula in the company of friends from abroad, becoming like an ironic and implacable Dante. He describes and comments on the cities, the streets, the houses, the squares, the shops, the churches, the stadiums, etc., that make up a country that “has too much style to be hell” but is “too disorderly to be heaven.”

Federica was born and raised in Milan and she is very fond of her city. She studied Latin and ancient Greek, among other subjects, in high school at the Collegio San Carlo of Milan.  After her diploma, she graduated in Political Science from the Università Cattolica di Milano. Over the past 15 years, driven by her passion for brand communication, Federica has been working in different marketing and communication roles.  In addition, extending her passion for brand communication and interpersonal communication, Federica began a parallel career as a professional coach.  Federica loves teaching Italian, sharing her language and bringing alive with her students the Italian style and way.

As usual, the evening will begin with food and conversation at 6:30.  Please feel free to bring an antipasto, dolce or vino to share.  The presentation will start at 7:30.

The meeting will be in our usual place, Garden House, 2336 15th Avenue South (In the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle).  Directions are on the DAS website:

Feel free to come early to help set up the room and start visiting.  And, in any case, please come.

A presto – 

Dan DeMatteis,
President, Dante Alighieri Society of Washington