Club Alpino Italiano - Pacific Northwest

CAI Update

We hike – usually together. But in these days we hike solo and not on week-ends.

We have monthly hikes or other activities (except during this pandemic) and usually an international trip or exchange with Italy or another country each year. In 2019 we had a group go to Padua for two weeks of hiking adventures with CAI Padua. Their group was to come here this August, but due to the COVID-19, this is being postponed until next year. 

Also, several of us had plans in September with CAI Pisa (of which we are a subsection) to dedicate a trail in honor of Francesco as well as participate in additional hikes and activities.  This, too, is postponed until next year. 

Please see this brochure for a summary of our activities, which you may use to make hard copies.

Dante members are welcome and encouraged to join any of our local CAI-PNW hikes.

For more information, visit the CAI-PNW website.